Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Cephlipods make their Appearance!

My apologizes for not having posted over the past few months. We had a big game
last month but my camera failed to take adequate photos. So no pictures of the
Japanese first outing. But this Saturday we managed to get together without Bob, who was stuck in Phoienx, though we did have some new players and new armies, among them Daric who brought his British Army as well as his wonderful camera!

Though we've had many a battle, the Cephlipods have yet to make an appearance.
It is said rumored that the few remaining Cephlipods are the ones who were the caretakers of the armada that invaded Earth. Some scientists theorize that the Cephlipods actually originated further out in the Solar System and had only used
Mars as a jumping off point to Earth. Speculation has also circulated that it is the
Cephlipods who refine the rare ore that gives lift to the Red Martian Airships.

With this last bit of info, the British and Japanese wasted no time moving on
a Cephlipod force that had been sighted near the frontiers to the West.
The British (Daric) moved up from the South and the Japanese (Terry, Shogun Doug and John) from the NorthEast.
The Cephlipods(newly painted by Dan) were there gathering ore, but soon two other armies arrived. A coalition of Red Martian City States(Kieth, Rick, and my subordinate self) as well as Green Tribesmen(Allen&Son)
eager to defend their territory and win glory!

Before the battle began there was a great whirlwind of negotiating! Promises, threats and sacrafices were made! In the end the Red, Green and Cephlipod Martians faced off the Earthling, much to the annoyance of Shogun Doug, who would comment later that these Martians were not honorable!

The Armies Arrive!

The Red Martian City States

The Green Tharks

The Cephlipods

The Japanese.

The British.

The Battle begins as the Tenacled Menace advances on the Japanese firing black smoke and heat rays. "There is no honor in such war!" snarled Shogun Doug.

Smoke Projector crews

Japanese line covered in poisonous smoke!

The Thark Cavalry flanks the Japanes line! Shogun Doug is hooping mad now! 'Treachery!'

The Thark Blood-Gods watch the battle.
Can the ninja halt the thunderous charge of the Green Horde. Well.... no.

The Tharks drive deep into the Japanese line till finally the Tharks find themselves surrounded.

In the South

The stout Highlander marches through the ruins of the ancients.

Martian Swordmen prepare to duel with the new invaders.

The British rifle fire is murderous!

The Egyptians Charge and drive back the Imperial Martians.

The Egyptians find themselves cut off.


Imperial Airships bring fire down on the desperate Egyptians.

The Cephlipods watch the Imperial vs British battle.

British Marines try to hold the right flank against a sudden advance of Martian Cavalry and Hexasaurs! But are driven back!

The British right flank falters as the Highlanders arrive. Can the line me held?

But in the end the Highlanders are driven back!

When the game was called the Cephlipods were still in control of the Mountain ore.
The Japanese had been savaged and the British driven off. For their service the Red Martians soon hoped for more of the magical ore that powered their airships. And the Tharks had new heads to display!

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