Sunday, May 24, 2009

Is it a bird? A plane? No! It's a German Scout Zeppelin

Yes! A German Scout Zepplin! Are you trembling yet?

The Germans have little faith in 'Liftwood' prefering their new
Zeppelins, especially now that advances in science have steamlined
the design. This one carries several anti-personal guns and
a small company of Marines.

The model is a toy from the Golden Compass movie.

Fields, Shrine, Italians and the Thunderchild

Well, I managed to get more done this week than expected.
First, are my Martian farm fields, these are quite common
around near the canals.

Next up is another shrine, very spiritual these Martians, with a
few buildings. This shot catches a company of recently arrived Italian Bersalergi
marching through on their way to their new posting. Old Glory Boxer range

The Italians are rushed along by the HMW(walker) Thuderchild.
This area is under British protection.

Another shot of the Thunderchild. A Wonderful Black Hat

Monday, May 18, 2009

Rules and Basing

After reading and rereading Black Hat's Martian empires rules, I've definitely adopted them as my rules for the 15/18mm Warlords of Mars Campaign. Though I have played around with
the basing. All my Martians will be based on 40mm round bases, the wife loves the look. While
all the Earthlings will be on 40x25mm bases.

The Germans arrive and a new Village

My newest Village, which the newly painted German SeeBattalion
wasted no time occupying.

A small parade before the village Shrine. The SeeBattalion
is from Old Glory's Boxer rebellion Range.

The Germans staging drills. Never know when an Overlord
force may appear.

A Shrine and the Royal Guard

Some ruins that I forgot to include last week.

My Martian Royal Guard, figures by Black Hat.

A small shrine, Mars is full of them!

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Now I love doing terrain! In fact I may enjoy it even more than painting figures. You see the first
three completed pieces for my 15mm Martian game. The owner of a local gaming store, here in Georgia, The Tree Fort, (great place!), had a bunch of terrain pieces from GW Lotr which he let me have for a great price. I worked them in with my adobe style buildings to give that
'faded imperial past' look.

Holy Therns trying to stave off some angry Warhoons!

The Cephalopods aka Overlords

Yes! My Mars does have room HG Wells' Martians! Now, ahem, in my Mars the cephalopods
were not originally of Mars but from somewhere further out in the Solar System. Mars was simply a jumping off point for Earth. The invasion force was held in stasis until the caretakers
had prepared everything for the War of the Worlds. Now all that is left of the cephalopods
on Mars are the caretakers also known as the Overlords. Two Overlord machines from
Black Hat.

Black Hat Two-Man Flyers

As I mentioned before these were part of my birthday gift last month. My wife probably got

the idea that I might want some after I spent a good half hour talking about how cool they were

after I saw Bob's at the club. I love the crew and the prop, both of which are available seperately from Black Hat. I plan on doing some larger airships soon and will certainly be needing some extra props for my screw galleys!

Peter Pig Fantasy Green and Red Men

I picked these figures up years ago! Now these 'of course' are not Barsoomian Martians and Green Men, but they work. Now my Peter Pig Green Men will represent the Warhoon
tribes of Mars. Complete with Thoats and ancient Anti-Flyer weapons. While the Peter Pig Red Men, with radium pistols and swords, will be the "Holy Therns". Raised from birth by the Cephalopod 'Martians', as servants and minions. Riding advanced flyers they enforce the will of their Overlords.

How it's my all my wife's fault!

Well yes, it really is my wife's fault that I have now ventured into 15mm VSF. You see it was

my dear wife who last year got me some of those wonderful 15mm Black Hat Martian Tripods.

And then this year she got me the Martian Empires rules as well as some nice two man Martian

flyers. Then in the same month I found my old Peter Pig Fantasy Green and Red man armies.

Before I knew it I was painting everything and making terrain. So today I took pictures of about six weeks worth of work.