Saturday, September 19, 2009

First Club Game! Earthmen here to stay!?

Well today we fought are first club game of Martian Empires at Treefort Games in Fayetteville, Ga., it was a blast! Bob and I managed to put some 22 Martian units on the table versus Jim's
Crimean War Brits and Sepoys. (We're still working on our specific Martian Europena forces).

Three players per side: John, Terry and Jim as the landgrabbing Earthlings while Freman, Bob and I ran the very dignified Martians, well maybe the Giant Tribal Greenmen weren't so dignified.

There was plenty of room for a little manuever allowing everyone to get a grip on the activation rules. For those of you that have not played, you roll to activate a unit based on a commander's
rating, you can keep activating a unit if you can keep passing your rolls(with building modifiers), once you fail you can no longer use that commander. If the army commander fails no one can try to activate any more that turn. I love this system, no guarantees as to how long it may take that cavalry to get to you. During the game there was plenty of pleas to the Army commanders requesting an activation roll as the brigade commanders failed theirs at the worst moments.

The Martians sent waves of Warhoon Tribal cavalry (Giant GreenMen) and Imperial Sword units against the British right. The British fire cut them down like wheat. Desperately the Martians tried to weaken the British flank with fire from the Airships, Hexasaur and Guard Infantry. Only a single stand of cavalry broke through only to be crushed by the Smythe Walker.

The Martian right meanwhile was being beaten back by successful charges lead by the Guides and Queen's Lancers. The Martian Guard finally held at the edge of the table while an ambush of Greenmen took some of the gusto out of the British horse. The Martian Flank commander, his honor tarnished, refused to advance till the British Horse was exterminated!

By now the Martian advance had ground to a halt, the Jed decided to pull back and gather more forces and study these Earthlings a bit more before bringing them to battle again.

The Martian Players all agreed that more cavalry was needed as well as extra sub commanders for the forces. Everyone greatlly enjoyed the game and now there is talk of a campaign!

Pictures of the field before hostilities began.
Hexasaur, Flyers and Infantry advance

Martian Guard

View of the Martian Line

British in distance

View from British Side

The Green Horde

Friday, September 11, 2009

First Solo Game

Well with the first game coming up on the 19th, I thought it best to put a few figs on the table and roll some dice.
3 European units vs 4 Martian Imperial units, just enough minis to get a grasp of the rules. A small German victory in the end, and some lessons learned.
Earth rifle units pack a wallop! So get those swords in quick. I really like the rules, plenty of uncertainty with the command rolls adds a lot of fun.
Got a few questions, which I will be fielding onto the Yahoo Martian Empires site. Certainly looking forward to the big game this following Saturday!
A few pics of my smaller gaming table. Sorry about the light.
German SeaBattalion tries to hold a small village.

Dawn Advance of the Germans.

Back to Mars! Hexasaurs, Swords and a Jed

Sorry about my absence over the last few months but as usual life and other projects took charge. But fortunately someone at the club, probably Bob, put down Martian Empires as the game for the 19th of this month. So it was back to the paint table and Mars!
So this week with the help of my wonderful wife I managed to finish 2 Martian Sword units, 1 Jed/Prince, and a village. I also managed to convert and paint my own version of the Hexasaur.

A Royal Prince/Jed leading two units of his city's Swordmen.

A small village with a magistrates keep.

The Hexasaur Arrives!

I used a D&D critter and added a howdah and odd and end guns.

Big and Bad!