Sunday, May 10, 2009

How it's my all my wife's fault!

Well yes, it really is my wife's fault that I have now ventured into 15mm VSF. You see it was

my dear wife who last year got me some of those wonderful 15mm Black Hat Martian Tripods.

And then this year she got me the Martian Empires rules as well as some nice two man Martian

flyers. Then in the same month I found my old Peter Pig Fantasy Green and Red man armies.

Before I knew it I was painting everything and making terrain. So today I took pictures of about six weeks worth of work.


  1. Your basing is very nice looking, but I am curious what system you plan to use for rules?


  2. These are brilliant! I didn't realize there was an 18mm Barsoomian inspired miniatures set. I was planning on using Bronze Age miniatures Mars line to do a 28mm game. But the Black Hat ones are pretty enticing!