Sunday, May 24, 2009

Fields, Shrine, Italians and the Thunderchild

Well, I managed to get more done this week than expected.
First, are my Martian farm fields, these are quite common
around near the canals.

Next up is another shrine, very spiritual these Martians, with a
few buildings. This shot catches a company of recently arrived Italian Bersalergi
marching through on their way to their new posting. Old Glory Boxer range

The Italians are rushed along by the HMW(walker) Thuderchild.
This area is under British protection.

Another shot of the Thunderchild. A Wonderful Black Hat


  1. Good stuff, as usual. How did you make the fields? Looks like combed spackle?

    I have a different method that I like: painted doormat. For me, I like the fact that it stays flexible, so it goes over contours.

    Your Bersaglieri look quite good, and I agree with you about the Black Hat walker. I really must get one one of these days, though I suspect mine will work for the Kaiser.

  2. Huh, my comments don't seem to have gone through. Grrr...

    Anyhow, my first thought on the fields was that they looked like pealed, corrugated cardboard with the corrugation painted like fields.

    I have been wanting to try and idea using old corduroy cut into squares and mounted on card, then painted and landscaped to taste.