Friday, September 11, 2009

Back to Mars! Hexasaurs, Swords and a Jed

Sorry about my absence over the last few months but as usual life and other projects took charge. But fortunately someone at the club, probably Bob, put down Martian Empires as the game for the 19th of this month. So it was back to the paint table and Mars!
So this week with the help of my wonderful wife I managed to finish 2 Martian Sword units, 1 Jed/Prince, and a village. I also managed to convert and paint my own version of the Hexasaur.

A Royal Prince/Jed leading two units of his city's Swordmen.

A small village with a magistrates keep.

The Hexasaur Arrives!

I used a D&D critter and added a howdah and odd and end guns.

Big and Bad!

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  1. Wow, when you come back, you come back. Hexasaur looks great as do the rest of them.