Friday, September 11, 2009

First Solo Game

Well with the first game coming up on the 19th, I thought it best to put a few figs on the table and roll some dice.
3 European units vs 4 Martian Imperial units, just enough minis to get a grasp of the rules. A small German victory in the end, and some lessons learned.
Earth rifle units pack a wallop! So get those swords in quick. I really like the rules, plenty of uncertainty with the command rolls adds a lot of fun.
Got a few questions, which I will be fielding onto the Yahoo Martian Empires site. Certainly looking forward to the big game this following Saturday!
A few pics of my smaller gaming table. Sorry about the light.
German SeaBattalion tries to hold a small village.

Dawn Advance of the Germans.


  1. Nice comeback there. When you decide to get bck into things, you certainly do it nicely. Looking forward to seeing what comes next.