Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Some of my newest units

Finished the Princess up Sunday night, thinking of adding rules for
a few of these special figures. For instance, units within 20cm of the Princess would
have their morale increased by 1. Better death than run and put the Princess in jeopardy!

Somehow I forgot to take any photos of the Guns of Navri!

The Martian Imperial unit commands were completed in time for Saturday's battle. I had
some extra Guard Command so I worked them into the irregular foot.

The Germans were done late last year but never got any photo time. The Clockwork and
Heavy Infantry Soldiers laid down some vicious fire Saturday.

The German Uhlans are Outpost FPW Ulhans mounted on Black Hat martian steeds.
Okay, but I like Bob's Black hat Prussians better.

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  1. Did you sculpt the princess yourself and if not, who makes her?