Saturday, November 12, 2011

Martian Theological Clash

Yes, after several months of calm the Martian landscape erupts once more with conflict, thankfully!
Everyone had always known that it was only a matter of time before the rival theological views of Martian Society come into conflict.
Jeddak Bob Sun of Hender, defender of the Cult of the Square, which views 4 as the perfect number, 4 lines 4 angles, units organized and based on a square! No longer could this Orthodox ruler tolerate the depredations of the Jeddak of Frangium. For the Frangiums renounced the perfection of the square and instead embraced the gentle flow of the Circle! Their architecture and unit formations reflected this Heresy! How could men know their place in a damn circle!
"The Book of Martian Empires demands squares!" raged Jeddak Bob Sun!
"The Book is simply a guide, all must seek their own path." replied the Princess of Frangium.

So after months of scrambling for allies and the right time for battle, the warhosts of Frangium and Hender at last meet. Few free martian states would join the Intolerant Jeddak Bob Sun so in the end he chose buying mercenaries over allying with heathens. The Green Tribes flowed out of the Wastelands while the orderly legion of Col Smythe marched to the Jeddak's gold.
Frangium, meanwhile, had also encountered trouble recruiting other Martian city states to it's divine cause of the Circle. In the end, the Princess had reluctantly turned to the Germans and Italians for aid at the cost of trade concessions.

The BattleField. 6'x12', and relative dispositions:
(Some Gamenotes: for fun I decided to try out some blinds for the brigades. Martian blinds activated on 9 if in 'march' and '8' if in column, Europeans 10 and 9. Max of 2 activations per blind. This also helped speed up movement until everyone got into in engagement range. Also all flyers were considered to have their own command of 9. Victory would be determined by whichever side occupied the most key villages, marked with a banner)

Green Tribes/w what looks like an experimental American Walker?
The Frangium Assault Brigade!
Henderite Cavalry and Guard Infantry prepare to chastise the heretics.

Col Smythe's Askari infantry march to Dontaum and preparesto hold the flank until their relief column arrives.
The Battle develops. Jeddak Bob Sun finds himself trying to hold off Italians, Germans and Frangium forces hoping that his overpaid mercenaries can turn the Frangium flank before he's crushed! His masterful skill at the fighting withdraw is severly taxed.

While the Italians assaulted a small village Henderite flank (sorry no pics of the Italian assault,
guess the Germans wanted all the credit) The Germans formed up and prepared to destroy
everything in their way. Mostly Hendernites!

Meanwhile on the Frangium flank the Green Tribes have finally deployed and begun to attack.
The Tribal Cavalry was destroying everything in it's way. Striking deep into the rear of the Circl Alliance. And Col Smythe arrives with his relief force.

The Henderites have begun to wither under the German fire. Smythe however quickly realizes that his light cav force cannot face the German line and shifts to harass the Frangium martians.
As the day ends all eyes where on the small village at the rear of the Frangium line.
If it fell to the Green tribes the day would result in a draw if it held then it would be victory for the Circle! So crucial was the situation at the Princess of Frangium with the Guard took charge of the village defense and managed to fight off several green assaults The day was won!


  1. wonderful aar! This sure looks like a lot of fun!

  2. Phenomenal! What ruleset are you using, Martian Empires? Some Martian VSF is one of the many, many things I'm hoping to get around to next spring...

  3. Durr, and I forgot to ask about the expermintal US walker. It looks great, is it a scratchbuild?

  4. Hey Ken,
    Martian Empires by Black Hat is our rules of play.
    John at the club made the US walker using the legs off a Black Hat Cephlipod and the body
    of French WWI tank from Blue Moon.

  5. Mike, thanks for the info, I appreciate it. Really liking your figs and batreps, keep them coming!