Monday, September 24, 2012

September Games

So far this month we've had 3, yes 3, Martian Empires games.
On the 15th we played a big 16,000 point game pitting Germans and allied Martians  vs the British and their Red allies.
I had to halt the player count at 14, not enough room around the 6" x 12" table.
Game started off with a bang as von Daniel's Germans steamed across the table determined to break the British center and take all the victory!  The German right, made up of Ottomans and Jed Kieth's new Imperial Martian army had to withstand the British under Commander Glenn, who as well known for lighting moves.
The German left, made up of Jed Bob's heirs  advanced with great flair but soon began to hesitate. Later it was found out that the British had sent Ambassador Hoodin to 'chat' and lay discord with the Imperial Martians.
Game ended as the German offensive  petered out and came under threat of being cut off by a British pincer movement.

We followed up that game with a quick one on  the following Sunday. Highlights of that game where Martian Guard Infantry cutting their way through the British ranks until they were completely wiped out. And of course the wonderous charged of the German cavalry that completely rolled a Martian flank without losing a base.

Yesterdays games pitted Smythe against Glenn's Flying British Column. Seems Glenn had been sent out by Gordon to reign in the British Renegade Smythe. An early game that day had seen Smythe pull off a successful   action against Glenn.

But Glenn returned that night with Italians and the forces of the Jeddara. But Smythe and cut a quick contract with the Germans and the ruthless Despot of Mars. A bloody battle followed. The Jeddara held  the Germans and the Despot at bay with constant charges. Once more the Red Guard leading the way. Eventually the German firing line was formed with heavy powered infantry anchoring the lines, and death soon followed. Martian units were decimated by the fire, even the arriving British cav withered under the fire. Meanwhile far to the center Smythe found his forces fighting with no support. Where was the promised forces of the Despot? The German heavy infanty? All he saw was wave after wave of Italians and their war walkers . Indeed Martino's Italians were showing great daring and luck!
The battle ended before the German and British lines could come to true grips. The Jeddara held the crossroads and Smythe held a heavy bill for his employer.
Great shot of the game setup and players! Taken by John of Treefort games!
The games just keep coming, time for a mini campaign!


  1. Looks like it was an incredible game.

  2. Looks fantastic - table looks bigger than 12 feet long - glad to see gaming alive and well in Atlanta - What rules are you using? Cheers D

  3. Martian Empires by Black hat with a few house rules aimed at speeding up the big games.