Monday, February 11, 2013

First Game of 2013 at Treefort Games

First Game of 2013!
And a new table cloth to try out. They are getting better, but it looks like I will need a 6 x 16ft sheet as well.

Actually we played two games. The first game had the British and Germans trying to capture towns. Whoever had the most by the end of the game, would also have captured enough airships so as to outscout the enemy in the next game. The larger German force was hampered by a Cephlipod force out to reclaim an ancient energy source.

British minor victory Second game had the Germans and British square off with strange allies. British had Nemo and the Germans a Cephlipod force. Brutal race for the towns again. And Once more the British pulled it off, but just barely.

New terrain under construction as well as a new camera for myself.


  1. Hu Mike,

    I am keen to start a Martian Empires collection and am looking at what size your armies how many Martian you have in each force.

    Army lists would be nice...

    Love the look of the table