Sunday, August 23, 2015

Railroads and Lizardmen

Unfortunately due to my work schedule, Martian Empires has only made an occasional appearance at Treefort Games this year. So yesterdays game was a joyous return, and it included the debut of the Lizardmen army, new terrain and the Railroad.

Reason for Battle: A Earth company has built a small rail line into a remote region to transport an ore which can be refined to produce Cavorite. As everyone knows Cavorite when mixed with coal allows steam engines to produce more powder. Unfortunately the rail line has intruded into the sacred lands of the Lizard people and the Barbarous Green tribes. It has also diminished trade along the route controlled by several Martian Cities. So forces were gathered to tear up the rails and in turn political ties were pulled to get the Earth powers to protect it.
The once peaceful valley

The Rail Line
Objectives: Each side got points for every turn they held the following objectives,
 Religious Temples, Rail Towns, Road ends and crossroad.

Earth Forces included Germans, British and Imperial Mexicans
Glen (British) and Steven (Imperial Mexicans)

British Setip

Germans prepare to attack

Imperial Mexican and German lines
The Allied forces to remove the latest Earthling outrage included the Green tribes of the Wastes, the newly appeared Lizardmen and troops from two  Imperial Martian cities.
A variety of Martian forces

Big John's Savage Green tribes

Cool calm and collected, Troy's Lizardmen make their first appearance

Martian Players discussing their soon to come victory party

Martian Lines

I see the objective


The Battle begins with great bluster!
The Martians Advance
The Hammer! John's Green tribes quickly cross the tables.

High tide of the Martian Advance, the Mexicans are hard pressed but hold

The thin red Line
Never get to near those dusty ruins
Maximum advance of the Martians

Final aftermath of the battle, A Draw, 14 vs 14 points. the Martian center and run it's course and was now exhausted but the Earth forces still had too many foes on the flanks to disengage and attack in the center.
Conclusion GREAT FUN!



  1. Oh, man! I'd love to play this sometime!

  2. Great looking game - How many points had you fielded?

  3. You sir, need an armoured train to keep those Martian Johnnies in their place!

    Great looking game

  4. Brilliant and highly inspirational figures and terrain.
    Bravo Sir, Bravo.

  5. Brilliant and highly inspirational figures and terrain.
    Bravo Sir, Bravo.

  6. Must agree with Pat - an armoured train would have taught those Johnnies what's what, what?

    Dashed good battle, though.

  7. Thank you gentlemen! It is a labor of love.
    We played with round 8000 points per side.
    Hmmm an armored train? Now that is an idea!

  8. Wow, splendid terrain here!!