Wednesday, March 9, 2016

So we thought it was going to be a small game.

Ever had one of those game events were you thought it was just going to be a small 6 player gamer but turned into an 10 player event? Well that was out Saturday Martian Empires game.  The first line up was 2 Red Martian City States and Lizardmen vs 2 columns of British and an Italian Force. More players arrived.
The second force pull had 2 Red Martian city states, Green Martians and Lizardmen vs 3 columns of Brits and the Italians . Then more players arrived. Final pull, Red Martian, Green Martian, Lizardmen, Germans and the Italians vs 5 columns of British. Actually, we had 12 players but Troy and I sat out the first game and played referees.

Game objectives: 2 Canal Bridges , east and west road. Started at 1:30 would play till 4:30
First Game a tie, Germans/Green tribes broke the British center but lost the road ends.

Second Game, Yes another player showed up and those that didn't play got into the second game.
Republican Mexicans, Red and Green Martians vs 2 British forces and a German player
Same map and same objectives.
Second game a tie. Mexicans broke the British center securing the bridges but both ends were lost. 

Somehow no pics of game 1 have shown up yet

The Battlefield


Martians patrolling the canal

Game 1

Game 2

Game 2

Red Imperial Martians

Evil German line


  1. Lovely looking game (again!). I am still amazed you manage to run 10 player games - I originally thought of the game as 4 player at most...

    I'd love to see any houserules you have developed.


  2. I love your games - great figures, great terrain. They are absolutely inspiring!

  3. Wow. A truly epic table! Great stuff!

  4. Fabtastic great to see Martian Empires back on the gaming front.

  5. Great blog. It's pushed me to finally make take the plunge and get into Martian Empires. I don't think you used it in this game but where did you get that fort from? The one you used for the despot's fortress.

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