Friday, January 17, 2014

British vs German clash on Mars!

So Martian gaming in late 2013 was a bit slow, but this year there should be a good bit of activity. I've been promising some sort of campaign for quite a while and this year I plan to make good on it.
So to get the blood going, I set up a game for yesterday with Robert Youngblood, who kindly agreed to dust off his British and give me a game. Of course he assumed that I would run Martians, either Green or Imperial, but I surprised him with Germans and their many Askari!

So 2000 point game,
Robert, if I recall correctly, had
2 Guard Inf
4 Regular Inf
1 Rocket Inf
2 Hv tanks
1 Walker
3 Officers
1 Commander

My Germans consisted of
5 Regular Inf
5 Askari Inf
1 Askari Cav
1 Artillery
1 Walker(with lt tank stats)
1 Officer
1 Commander

Objectives; the Town and ruins were worth d3x100points each if held at the end of the game.
Player would also recieve the points of any routed or destroyed units.

I set up the terrain and Robert picked the side.  A screen was set up and we set up 6inches in and 12 inches from the edges.
Robert took the first move, and suddenly the British were rushing across. Hmmm a lot of commanders is nice!
I blew the activation with my officer and got hardly any success from the Commander.
By the second turn Robert was on the edge of the town and on his left flank deploying into the rough ground of the hill/ruins. Meanwhile he was destroying my artillery with Hv tanks infantry and a walker.
I managed to forceback one of the tanks but only managed to get my left flank moving and barely deployed.

The third turn, saw the British pounding the Askari on the right and left flanks, but the center tanks saw some bad rolls on shooting. While the town force refused to move while they liberated some Martian wines! Though the German walker, on loan from the Italians, was forced back to try and repair their gatling.  The Askari held for the most part and gave as good as they got near the town. Meanwhile in the middle the German infantry started to deploy and make their presence known!

By the 4th turn, the German left and right flanks had suffered huge Askari losses, but the strong German center with the aid of the Heavy Infantry and taken down the British Walker, a tank and a British infantry unit. Suddenly all 5 German infantry units were operating between the town and hill, along with the heavy infantry and the repaired walker. By the 5th turn, the British were down 2 infantry and 2 guard at half strength. With town control challeged and the Askari cav threatening the rear, Robert called for a quick British withdraw.

Excellent Game!
But I hear that Sir Robert is home planning a proper force to deal with the Teutonic threat!
British Walker and Inf advance on Ruins
Robert's Armoured fist slams the center. I was sweating it!
Heavy Infantry and SeeBattalion with Askari debate moving!
Italian Walker and Askaari cav in German employ
Brtish secure the Ruins
British and Roberts Guard  Irish in red run off an Askari unit
Withering British fire falls on the Askari advancing on the right flank
Germans take down two armoured vehicles
Heavy Infantry Walker in action
Askari Cav advances

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