Friday, January 24, 2014

The Baron arrives on Mars!

Yes, the mysterious Baron Rotwang, head of the German Empire's Science Weapons Division, has arriced on Mars. He brings with him the new Wyst Panzers and the Rakete Jagers.
Baron Rotwang in his special armor

New 15mm troops for Mars

The Rakete Jagers

Wyst Panzers


  1. These look wonderful. I think I recognise the figures (Highlander Studios and Black Hat) but where do the panzers come from?

    1. OK, found 'em - "25mm tankettes from Dystopian Legions" per the post on TMP.

      A little more digging and I find they're the "Kingdom of Britannia Basset Tankette". The Prussian Empire Kettenkarre Tankette also look interesting, and presumably of a similar size.

  2. Hey Clive,
    The tankettes are the perfect size. May pick up the Prussian as well!