Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Baron thwarted!

Just finished another great game of Martian Empires at Treefort! A British led alliance of Brits and Imperial Martians took on the Baron's force of Germans and Americans.
3000 British and 1200 Imperial Martians vs
3000 Germans and 1200 Americans.
4"x12" table.

An interesting match revolving around a unique Martian monument on raised ground in the middle of the table. On the German left it was an iron fist of 3000 pts 12
German Askari anchored by Marines
battalions aimed at the small Imperial Martian force. While on the German left, the stout Americans were about to take on the armored might of the British. 5 Tanks and 2 Cav regiments.

The German- American force relied heavily of Askari, while the British had gathered only battalions in red.

In the first few turns the German advance went well, while the Americans managed by sheer luck to hold strong against Britannia. By turn three, the Americans had once more pulled out a bit of luck when one of the British steam tanks blew up in a spectacular way, disrupting a lot of nearby troops.

Meanwhile the Imperial Martians stole a bit of the initiative from the Germans with charges lead by the guard.
The Hun attack down the center was halted by an influx of British support and then a telling Martian bombardment devasted 2 German line battalions.

The British ended up  defeating the Americans and bearing on the Germans before the Germans could finish off the Martians. A victory for the British! And now the pics!
British-Martian Center
Britannia's mounted arm
Rocket troops advance
The stubborn Americans vs the Armoured Fist

Germans center advances

German center collapses

Baron tries to rally the center
Askari await orders to charge

Done with the Americans, British advance on the center.